About EgyDoctor.Net

EgyDoctor.Net is a web-based information service with a focus on medical and scientific literature delivery of research information to health professionals, based on the latest techniques in the field.


EgyDoctor.Net gives access to the right information in a timely fashion that couldn't be found in other libraries or information centers and supporting all physicians in both of their M.S., PH.D. and researches by offering global search tool that combines searches of subscription based literature and information on the Internet in an efficient and economical way.


EgyDoctor.Net serves faculty, staff, students and health professionals who study, work, and conduct research in the health science disciplines of medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and the life sciences.


EgyDoctor.Net provides access to full-text e-books and a comprehensive collection of full-text e-journals, thesis, dissertations, electronic databases, images, video collections, and point-of-care decision-making tools to support evidence-based practice. In addition, other unique solutions with a different service styles.


EgyDoctor.Net believes that having the quick and accurate information as well as cost-effectiveness can help you in your research and decision making by saving your time, money and efforts.

About This Site

The first launching of this site was in November 2008.

The new site design offers several enhancements, including dynamic style navigation for the topical menu that offers more options up front, getting users where they want to go more quickly.


The EgyDoctor.net developers Team will continue to refine the site, expanding on some of the basic content elements, and making changes based on visitor feedback and best practices in Web development, Visitors are encouraged to provide feedback at Contact Page.


Why EgyDoctor.Net?!


EgyDoctor.Net is the first site that offers an outreach services designed to cover all Egypt's governorates; as there is no need to leave your place because our services will reach you wherever you are.


EgyDoctor.Net makes a positive contribution to all health associations, professionals and research centers.

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"EgyDoctor.Net gives me access to the right information in a timely fashion and supporting me in both of my M.Sc. and PH.D. in an efficient and economical way.

A. Hosni Ph.D., MRCS