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Book Code :  ISBNsv 9781416030805

Book Title   :  Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, 7th edition (2007)

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Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine, 7th edition (2007)

By Robert L. Nussbaum, MD, Roderick R. McInnes, MD, PhD, FRS(C) and Huntington F. Willard, PhD

600 Pages
Imprint: Saunders
ISBNsv 9781416030805
Copyright: 2007

Through six editions, Thompson & Thompson’s Genetics in Medicine has been a well-established favourite textbook on this fascinating and rapidly evolving field, integrating the classic principles of human genetics with modern molecular genetics and the latest clinical applications. Clearly written and abundantly illustrated, the New 7th Edition retains all of the features that have made its predecessors so popular while also comprehensively detailing all of the new developments and advances in the field. 


"The word ‘Genetics’ makes most students’ minds fill with dreaded thoughts of Mendel’s peas and Darwin’s beard but the reality is that it is now, more than ever, one of the most important subjects in medicine along with the likes of anatomy and physiology.
This book helps cement this key subject in the minds of all students. It is written in a clear and approachable manner, terminology is explained and diagrams are used to emphasises and clarify.
The authors have structured this well, beginning with the very basic concepts of genetics and inheritance then building on to the more clinical topics such as diseases resulting from mutations. Each chapter ends with a list of questions which test what the student has learnt whilst reading a particular chapter. These questions are also a very good revision tool.
If you want to learn genetics buy this book."
Medical Student, Cardiff University, UK
"The bolded words in the text are of excellent help to a student. These make sure that you know their meaning before moving on...very informative and reader-friendly for medical students!"
Medical Student, University of Bergen, Norway 

•The most up-to-date and authoritative discussion of the basic principles of medical genetics, clearly written and logically organised for easy navigation

•Shows you the basic science of genetics, and its relationship to clinical medicine

•High-quality photos of genetic diseases help to illustrate topics

What's New

•A new chapter on molecular diagnostics, and new information on the Human Genome Project, Pharmacogenetics, and Bio-informatics give you the most up-to-date genetics information

•An increased number of case studies

•Brand-new, more dynamic illustrations help with visualisation


1. Chromosomal Basis of Heredity

2. The Human Genome: Structure and Function of Genes and Chromosomes

3. Tools of Human Molecular Genetics

4. Principles of (Clinical) Cytogenetics

5. Clinical Cytogenetics: Disorders of the Autosomes and the Sex Chromosomes

6. Mechanisms of Inheritance part I: Mendelian (or Single-Gene) Patterns

7. Mechanisms of Inheritance part II: Mitochondrial, Imprinted, and Multifactorial Patterns

8. Genetic Variation in Individuals and Populations

9. The Genetic Contribution to Disease: Locating and identifying Disease Genes

10. Principles of Molecular Disease: Lessons from the Hemoglobinopathies

11. The Molecular and Biochemical Basis of Genetic Disease

12. The Treatment of Genetic Disease

13. Developmental Disorders and Birth Defects (Leslie Biesecker)

14. Genetics of Cancer

15. Genetic Counseling and Risk Assessment

16. Molecular Diagnostics

17. Prenatal Diagnosis

18. Genetics and Society

Case Studies



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