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Book Code :  ISBNsv 9780443100345

Book Title   :  Biochemistry Illustrated : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Post-Genomic Era 5th ed. (2005)

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Biochemistry Illustrated : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Post-Genomic Era 5th ed. (2005)

By Peter N. Campbell, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, University College London; Anthony D. Smith, Emeritus Reader in Biochemistry, University College London, London, UK; and Timothy J. Peters, DSc, FRCP, FRCPath, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, King's College, London, UK; Honorary Consultant Physician and Chemical Pathologist, King's College and Maudsley Hospitals, London, UK

Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone; 5 edition (June 13, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0443100349
ISBNsv 9780443100345

This title gives students of medicine, other health professions and science a coherent account of biochemistry and molecular biology. Over 500 two-colour line illustrations help the reader visualise biochemistry and understand difficult concepts. Gene structure and function are introduced early in the book as they are so central to the control and regulation of biochemical processes. This organisation of content provides the reader with a logical sequence of events that aids learning. 


"There are many general biochemical textbooks on the market today and Campbell's textbook stands the test of time on the basics...This is an ideal introductory text for 1st year undergraduates, in biological or medical sciences, and for keen A level students. A particular strength of the book is the chapter summaries that help guide a reader into the topic area." Journal of Biological Education, 2006


•Highly visual presentation of subject

•Concentrates on essential core of knowledge

•Logical sequence of chapters with nucleic acids and protein synthesis covered at start of book

What's New

•Entire book has been reviewed by medical students

•Clinical advisor introduced to authorship team

•More clinical relevance added to text

•New chapter on the The post-genomic era and its impact on the future of biochemistry and molecular biology


The cellular basis of biochemistry. An introduction to proteins and peptides. Nucleic acids and protein synthesis. Protein structure and function with hemoglobin as an example. Proteins: specialised functions. The structure and function of enzymes. Carbohydrate structures and their interconversion. Nitrogen metabolism. Oxidative catabolism of glucose and fatty acids. Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the fasting state. Carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the absorptive state. Plasma lipoproteins, cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis. The action of hormones and other effectors in regulating glycogen and glucose metabolism, ketogenesis and lipogenesis. Phospholipids, other substances and complex carbohydrates. Biomembranes, receptors and signal transduction. The post-genomic era and its impact on the future of biochemistry and molecular biology.



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