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Book Code :  ISBNsv 9780323037440

Book Title   :  Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy 1st ed. (2005)

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Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy 1st ed. (2005)

By Kenneth Moses, MD, John C. Banks, PhD, Pedro B. Nava, PhD and Darrell Petersen

524 Pages
Imprint: Mosby
ISBNsv 9780323037440
Copyright: 2005

Responding to current trends in anatomy curricula, this innovative new resource covers surface and radiological anatomy and cutaneous and muscular innervations as well as gross anatomy. Outstandingly realistic three-dimensional photographs and illustrations, plus a consistent chapter organization, summary tables, and other user-friendly features, enhance readers' mastery of essential information. It provides students with a unique resource for use before, during and after lab work, in preparation for examinations, and later on as a primer for clinical work.


1. Introduction to Anatomy


2. Introduction to Head and Neck

3. Skull

4. Scalp and Face

5. Parotid, Temporal and Pterygopalatine Regions

6. Eye

7. Ear

8. Nose

9. Oral Region

10. Pharynx and Larynx

11. Submental Region

12. Anterior Triangle

13. Posterior Triangle/Deep Neck


14. Introduction to the Upper Limb

15. Breast and Pectoral Regions

16. Axilla/Brachial Plexus

17. Scapular Region

18. Shoulder Complex

19. Arm

20. Elbow Joint/Cubital Fossa

21. Anterior Forearm

22. Posterior Forearm

23. Wrist and Hand Joints

24. Hand Muscles


25. Introduction to Trunk

26. Vertebral Column

27. Suboccipital Region

28. Back Muscles

29. Chest Wall and Mediastinum

30. Heart

31. Lungs

32. Diaphragm/Posterior Abdominal Wall

33. Abdominal Organs

34. Gastrointestinal Tract

35. Anterolateral Abdominal Wall/Inguinal Region

36. Pelvic Girdle

37. Pelvic Viscera - Male and Female

38. Perineum


39. Introduction to the Lower Limb

40. Anteromedial Thigh

41. Hip Joint

42. Gluteal Region/Posterior Thigh

43. Knee Joint and Popliteal Fossa

44. Anterolateral Leg

45. Posterior Leg

46. Ankle and Foot Joints

47. Foot



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