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Book Code :  ISBNam 9780071621670

Book Title   :  Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine 6th ed. (2009)

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ISBN: 9780071621670
Division: Professional
Pub Date: DEC-09
Pages: 768


NOW in full color!

A complete case-based review of the essentials of pathophysiology ' covering all major organs and systems

This trusted text introduces you to clinical medicine by reviewing the pathophysiologic basis of the signs and symptoms of 100 diseases commonly encountered in medical practice. Each chapter first describes normal function of a major organ or organ system, then turns attention to the pathology and disordered physiology, including the role of genetics, immunology, and infection in pathogenesis. Underlying disease mechanisms are described, along with their systems, signs, and symptoms, and the way these mechanisms themselves determine the most effective treatment.

This unique interweaving of physiological and pathological concepts will put you on the path towards thinking about signs and symptoms in terms of their pathologic basis, giving you an understanding of the 'whys' behind both illness and treatment.


NEW full-color presentation
111 case studies (22 new ones) provide an opportunity for you to test your understanding of the pathophysiology of each clinical entity discussed
A complete chapter devoted to detailed analyses of the cases
'Checkpoint' review questions appear throughout every chapter
Numerous tables and diagrams encapsulate important information
References for each chapter topic
NEW sections in the chapters on liver disease and inflammatory rheumatic diseases and a completely rewritten chapter on male reproductive tract disorders

 Table of contents

Key Features
1. Introduction, Stephen J. McPhee and Gary D. Hammer
2. Genetic Disease, Gregory Barsh
3. Disorders of the Immune System, Jeffrey L. Kishiyama
4. Infectious Diseases, Karen C. Bloch
5. Neoplasia, Mark M. Moasser
6. Blood Disorders, J. Ben Davoren and Sunny Wang
7. Nervous System Disorders, Catherine Lomen-Hoerth and Robert O. Messing
8. Diseases of the Skin, Timothy H. McCalmont
9. Pulmonary Disease, Thomas J. Prendergast, Stephen J. Ruoss, and Eric J. Seeley
10. Cardiovascular Disorders: Heart Disease, Fred M. Kusumoto
11. Cardiovascular Disorders: Vascular Disease, Igor Mitrovic
12. Disorders of the Adrenal Medulla, Tobias Else, Gary D. Hammer, and Stephen J. McPhee
13. Gastrointestinal Disease, Jason C. Mills, Thaddeus S. Stappenbeck, and Nigel Bunnett
14. Liver Disease, Mandana Khalili, Charles E. Liao, and Tung T. Nguyen
15. Disorders of the Exocrine Pancreas, Christopher J. Sonnenday, Diane M. Simeone, and Stephen J. McPhee
16. Renal Disease, Benjamin D. Parker and Joachim H. Ix
17. Disorders of the Parathyroids & Calcium & Phosphorus Metabolism, Dolores M. Shoback and Deborah E. Sellmeyer
18. Disorders of the Endocrine Pancreas, Janet L. Funk
19. Disorders of the Hypothalamus & Pituitary Gland, Tobias Else and Gary D. Hammer
20. Thyroid Disease, Douglas C. Bauer and Stephen J. McPhee
21. Disorders of the Adrenal Cortex, Tobias Else, Gary D. Hammer, and Stephen J. McPhee
22. Disorders of the Female Reproductive Tract, Karen J. Purcell and Robert N. Taylor
23. Disorders of the Male Reproductive Tract, Mikkel Fode, Jens Sonksen, Stephen J. McPhee, and Dana A. Ohl
24. Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases, Allan C. Gelber, Stuart M. Levine, and Antony Rosen
25. Case Study Answers, Yeong Kwok, Eva M. Aagaard, and Jonathan D. Fuchs



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