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Book Code :  ISBNst 9780198520658

Book Title   :  Oxford Textbook of Psychotherapy

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©2005 Oxford University Press, Inc 
Authors/Editors: Glen O. Gabbard, Judith S. Beck and Jeremy Holmes 
ISBN: 0198520654 / 9780198520658

Glen O. Gabbard
Brown Foundation Chair of Psychoanalysis and Professor of Psychiatry
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas
Judith S. Beck
Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research
Clinical Associate Professor
University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jeremy Holmes
Consultant Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist
Devon NHS Partnership Trust
Visiting Professor of Psychological Therapies
University of Exeter
Psychoanalysis Unit
University College London
London, UK

With the publication of this e-book psychotherapy finally arrives at the mainstream of mental health practice. This resource is an essential companion for every practicing psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, psychotherapy counselor, mental health nurse, psychotherapist and mental health practitioner.

Part One gives a comprehensive account of all the major psychotherapeutic approaches.

Parts Two and Three systematically describe psychotherapeutic approaches to the major psychiatric disorders and personality disorders.

Part Four examines applications and modifications of psychotherapy across the lifecycle.

Part Five describes psychotherapy with specific populations such as medical patients and those where gender is an issue.

Part Six tackles some of the special topics of concern to psychotherapists including ethics, legal issues and psychotherapy and neuroscience.

The first of its kind, this is a "must have" volume for all trainee and practicing psychological therapists in psychiatry, psychology, social work or nursing.

   Section I - Major modalities
   1. Major modalities: psychoanalytic/psychodynamic
   2. Cognitive and behavioral therapies
   3. Interpersonal psychotherapy
   4. Group psychotherapy
   5. Cognitive-behavioral group interventions
   6. Family therapy
   7. Psychodynamic couple therapy
   8. Cognitive-behavior therapy with couples
   9. The arts therapies
   10. Psychotherapy integration
   Section II - Psychotherapy in psychiatric disorders
   Section III - Psychotherapy of personality disorders
   21. 'Cluster A' personality disorders
   22. 'Cluster B' antisocial disorders
   23. Psychotherapy for the narcissistic personality disorder
   24. Borderline personality disorder
   25. Histrionic personality disorder
   26. Psychotherapy for avoidant personality disorder
   27. Dependent personality disorder
   28. Psychotherapy of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
   Section IV - Psychotherapy across the life cycle
   29. Psychosocial therapies with children
   30. Psychotherapy with adolescents
   31. Psychotherapy during the reproductive years
   32. Psychotherapy with older adults
   Section V - Issues in specific populations
   33. Psychotherapy for medical patients
   34. Gender issues in psychotherapy
   35. Sexual orientation and psychotherapy
   36. Cross-Cultural psychotherapy
   Section VI - Special topics
   37. Implications of research in cognitive neuroscience for psychodynamic psychotherapy
   38. Psychotherapy research
   39. Psychotherapy and medication
   40. Ethics and psychotherapy
   41. Clinical-legal issues in psychotherapy
   42. Psychotherapy supervision
   43. Brief and time-limited psychotherapy



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